About Us


Established in 2013, Big Rock Mountain Inc. was formed out of customers’ requirements for top quality products and customer services that reduce their costs and increase their profitability.  Big Rock Mountain has over 15 years of combined  industry experience in the mining, aggregate, recycling, and civil industries. Its founders are  focusing on building the BRM brand through hard work, service, honesty, and reliability. Our mandate is to service our customers quickly and effectively. Most importantly, to help our customers decrease operating costs while increasing productivity to maximize revenue and profits.

One of Big Rock Mountain’s unique aspects is to supply exceptionally designed and manufactured Canadian and North American goods whenever possible.  These products, whether manganese, rollers, stackers or crusher parts, have all proven their longevity and capacity to reduce customer overall annual production costs. In addition, all of these products  have the ability to compete at pricing levels set by the global market. This philosophy is a win for both Canadian and North American industries and a win for our customers as shipping costs are reduced and carbon footprints are minimized in the industries that BRM services. We are proud to support local businesses while doing our part for a cleaner world. 

Big Rock Mountain Inc. also works with our customer/partners to develop ways to decrease their overall costs to operations.  This could mean working with you and our partners to facilitate new innovative products , designing better processing systems that include custom plant design, software/hardware development. Big Rock Mountain can help save time and money. With our expanding lines of products anddevices for material handling equipment, we are here to serve you better.

Call us and let us show you how a business philosophy of quality products at competitive prices coupled with “top-of-the-line” customer service can help do more with less.