Big Rock Mountain believes in services all of its customers with what they need and when it comes to Idlers and Pulleys many customer s are particular in what they use. We believe in quality and we may not be able to provide all of our customers with the brand of idlers they are currently using but this is mainly because during our quality review process the products may not have been met our quality acceptance standards. We do carry all sizes of head pulleys, tail pulleys, Take ups, Idlers in CEMA B and C and Heavy Duty E and F series. Custom rollers and Impact Garlands are all available.    Call us today or fill out a request form below and even check out our online store we may stock ready to go today. 

Reduce your cost per ton – Want less unplanned shutdown ?

Made to last, rollers comes from a simple idea: Isolate the bearings to eliminate vibration, dust or any other contaminants this to the benefit of a longer life expectancy and return on investment.

Our rollers have been use in the mining industry for year.  Our quality product will help your mining operations by reducing maintenance cost and the number of rollers you buy every years. No matter the size of your operation we have a solution for you.

The solution

  • Up to 3 time life expectancy

  • Consume at least 20 % less energy

  • Noise reduction of 12 decibels or more

  • Operate in extreme conditions -67 – 400 F (55 à 204 c)

  • Unique fabrication technology (up to 8 bearing in a single roller )

  • Minimum TIR

  • Green product

Types of Idlers

We manufacture most types of idlers :

  • Troughing

  • Return

  • Self cleaning

  • Impact

  • and more



  • Fits any idler and frame

  • Available in all sizes

  • Isolated high quality bearings for better performance

  • Patented triple labyrinth technology

  • Meet and exceed CEMA specifications

Green Technology

Our products can help your operations to be greener. By carefully choosing the best and the greenest components, our products have been designed to minimize their impact on the environment. Besides being delivered in a green color, our rollers are the greenest on the market because:

  • Energy savings up to 20%

  • Reduce the amount of industrial waste (Up to 3 times life expectancy)

  • Reduce noise by a minimum of 12 decibels

  • Better fit with the environment (green color)


Big Rock Mountain has all of the sizes and styles of Take Ups you would require and for all size Bearings. Call us today or check out our online store to see if they are available there and have it ordered today. 1-855-233-0379.