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Big Rock Mountain Inc. is a dealer for AMCast and  Maxware  for  casting ware components.   Both AmCast and Maxware's  knowledge in casting and forging is some of the best in the world.  They produce superior products held to extremely high standards of ISO, ATS M, and ANSI that allow both  to produce superior products for our customers.  Also, AmCast categorizes all their cone liner parts according to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) numbers so there is never any confusion between your company's needs and what we supply.  Get it done once, get it done right.  Delivery is also exceptional.  We can deliver most parts quicker than anyone else in our market area. 

The reason we work with AMCast  and MaxWare casting technology  is  because it is far superior than any other product on the market today.   Lasting longer is our goal. These products  are also backed by factory warranties and traceability for any part you require, right down to the casting sheets.  They are tier one foundries.  Only the best and purest quality blends are used and precisely measured and monitored during the entire process.  They are leaders  in manufacturing  advanced technologies of  cast in ceramic and advanced heat treatment capabilities  that far exceed anything our customers are currently using today.  They pay for themselves through longer life and superior processing of material.  Big Rock Mountain can service the Central and Eastern part of Canada and the United States effectively with fast and efficient deliveries.

Try this product because once you do you will never go back to what you used before. Guaranteed.  Call us today 1-855-233-0379.

Some of the castings we can offer are in the following styles and alloys*:

                 PIONEER                EL-JAY                  KLEEMAN REIMER

            CEDARAPIDS         SYMONS                HP      GYRADISC        Metso     

HazeMeg  PowerScreen   Terrex   Pegson   Sandvik  CLEMRO

Our industry professionals can recommend the alloy type best served for the region being explored.


Blow Bar Alloys

Martensitic Alloys

F60/5WRI: The tried and true alloy in blow bar innovation. The martensitic grain structure in the F60/5 alloy promotes extreme wear prevention and high resistance to breakage.

F60/5WRI-DHT: Am Cast just couldn’t leave well enough alone. The F60/5WRI-DHT is an improved version of the original F60/5WRI. The DHT version undergoes a different heat treatment process which yields an even more wear resistant alloy specifically suited for material processing involving a high volume of fines.


White Iron

FX15WRI: When you are processing material that just doesn’t fall into the realm of an F60/5 or FX25 alloys, then the FX15WRI is the preferred alloy in material handling. When used as intended, the FX15WRI alloy can provide even longer wear life compared to that of the F60/5 and F60/5-DHT alloys.

FX25WRI: From processing asphalt to crushing granite in a secondary or tertiary application, the FX25WRI provides the ultimate in wear life and performance.


Manganese Alloys: Jaws, Cones, Aprons, Apron Liners, Cheek Plates

Following a tradition of innovation, Am Cast has developed its own proprietary patented manganese alloys, MNx50 and MNx58. Available in 14%, 18%, and 21%, the customer needs and crushing specifications determine the level of manganese used for a particular application.

MNX50: Derived from a need to crush longer and more efficiently, the MNX50 manganese alloy combines the best attributes of the different manganese percentages. The result is a manganese alloy with better work hardening characteristics, a more versatile range of applications, and a longer service life.

MNX58: For crushing operations where the material being crushed has particularly high moisture content, the MNX58 manganese alloy is especially suited to outperform any other manganese on the market. All of the same characteristics of the standard MNX50 alloy with added moisture resistant attributes

Testimonials from our Customers

Am Cast is the only company willing to customize the casting. We had a custom rotor made for our machine that is able to hold a taller than standard size bar. Ceramic bars last 2 to 3 times longer than any other bar we’ve tried.

Waterbury, CT
We use two different types of part WRI, medium & low (chrome). Compared to the standard chrome bars we are getting 5 to 6 days more wear on each set. We are very satisfied with Am Cast Bars. It is great working with Am Cast for all parts, and the service is great. They are pleasant as well as helpful in finding or making almost any part that you may need.

Montreal, QC

"We bought our first pieces from Big Rock Mountain to crush recycled concrete and we usually change our steel twice a year. We installed Big Rocks MaxWare blow bars in August of 2014 and have not even flipped them as of September 2015. We will not use any other product any more..." 

Jeff Ottawa, Ontario.

*other alloys available on request, depending on size and scope

WEAR Resistant Inserts (WRIs)

Our Wear Resistant Inserts (WRI) represent advanced engineering and knowledge on how to utilize the science of metallurgy in a specific application.  A ceramic composite honeycomb pad with high hardness is added to the blow bars before the steel is poured to form the blow bar. The result of this casting process increases our blow bars’ tensile strength and resistance to abrasion in both horizontal shaft applications and vertical shaft applications.


Big Rock Mountain can work with your team.  Our knowledgeable casting engineers, metallurgists, and full time CAD/3D operators will turn your concept into a reality. We can reverse engineer and make custom castings for just about any wear part.  Taking conceptual drawings to working prototypes is our specialty.

Current Ferrous and non-Ferrous casting lines include:

  • Structural steel equivalents
  • Ductile Iron
  • Heat Resistant (HK) alloys
  • Stainless Steel
  • High Chrome White Iron

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