Crushing, Screening and Conveying


Above ground material handling equipment must withstand changing weather, extreme temperature fluctuations, heavy loads and large amounts of dust, mud and grime. These challenges are quickly defeated with the full line of solid block and split

block housed units from Timken. The durability of our tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings and ball bearings combined with innovative housings and seal design provide reliability and performance to improve productivity

 Big Rock Mountain is pleased to have the opportunity to sell Timken Bearing for specifics applications our customers use on a daily basis. We have selected the Timken line because of its proven quality and longevity of life that will ultimately save our customers money over the long run. With less repairs and better production Timken will stand above all others for a reputation of quality. Call us today and let us save you money.

Tapered Roller Bearings

Timken is the industry standard for tapered roller bearing quality and performance.

Benefits include:

• Reduced energy consumption through enhanced surface finishes and optimized internal geometry

• Longer bearing life and greater reliability due to positive roller alignment.

• Optimized bearing performance through application-specific endplay and preload conditions.

• The industry’s broadest range of sizes and configurations

Applications: haul trucks, shovels, gear drives, draglines Debris-Resistant bearings.


Debris-Resistant bearings

• Timken debris-resistant bearings extend bearing life up to 3.5 times and are ideal for tough, dirty conditions

• Proprietary alloy heat-treatment modifications and diamond-like coating technology interrupt adhesive wear and can self-repair any micro cracking

• Advanced manufacturing processes allows Timken to offer these bearings economically in both large and small quantities

Applications:haul trucks

Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Timken’s full range of Timken® cylindrical roller bearings includes single- and double-row configurations. Our EMA series offers greater performance than the leading high-performance industry designs.

• Designs provide option to manage axial loads in either one or both directions, or permit axial float in two directions.

• Surface finishes on the EMA series nearly double the operating lambda ratio, resulting in 1.5 times increase in predicted bearing life

• Timken EMA series cylindrical roller bearings feature a one-piece brass cage that minimizes drag on the rolling elements reducing heat and improving bearing life.

•Improved lube flow due to open pocket cage design, as well as lubrication holes and grooves

• For mining, Timken offers a complete line of caged and full complement CRBs in single- and double-row designs.

Size ranges available:

*60 mm ID – 1,800 mm OD *

Applications: *shovels, haul trucks, draglines, crushers, gear drives *

Spherical Roller Bearings

Timken® spherical roller bearings manage high radial loads even when misalignment, marginal lubrication, contamination, extreme speeds or critical application stresses are present.

• Higher-load and speed ratings allow for enhanced performance levels due to optimized internal geometry and improved surface finishes.

• Slotted cage made of hardened steel improves lubrication flow for lower temperatures and increased bearing life.

• Timken spherical roller bearings offer a 17 percent increase in average thermal speed ratings over previous design.

• Available with rugged steel (EJ series) and machined brass retainers (EM or EMB series) Size ranges availible: 25 mm ID to 1,800 mm OD

Applications: *shovels, conveyors, draglines, crushers, screens, gear drives 8 *