Total Areal Volumetric Surveying



Total Areal Volumetric Surveying

Big Rock Mountain Inc is developing a new division designed specifically for our customers in the mining, aggregate and construction industries. As well, municipalities. Working with BRT of Saratoga New York and their Hawkings AUV System to develop a solid long flight time drone with no weather issues to fly year-round in winds to 50 KMH and using the extremely accurate Routscene LIDaR system, accuracy to the millimeter. Our new division is designed to take the risk and cost out of your surveying and layout processes. 

Total Areal Volumetric Surveying or "TAVS" is going to save customers time and money by automating and accelerating the measurement of aggregate stockpiles and construction materials. Companies can now automatically get the perimeter, cut and fill volumes, as well as quantities for all their aggregate stockpiles, construction material needs as frequently as needed rapidly and more accurately than ever before. 

There are tons of systems on the market today. Most are lower end and limited in their flight capabilities. Limits in Weather, in seasons and in capabilities. But you get what you pay for and most systems cost you money to use because you cannot use them 100% of the time. For Further Enquiries Check back with us or send us a request.


Stockpile features include being able to measure volumes of odd-shaped piles against walls, and automatically calculating weight from stockpile material density if this can be provided.

Big Rock Mountain Inc uses Unmanned aerial vehicles or TAVS technology to do aerial images that also provide 2D and 3D models that assist with mine operations and mine planning.

Our UAV TAVS system on Mission

Our UAV TAVS system on Mission

How the TAVS Process Will Work

Our customers benefit from huge cost savings on surveying and mitigate safety risks of their employees by using our services to improve accuracy and reduce costs at each and every one of your mining,  quarry and construction sites. Here’s how it works…

Big Rock Mountain Sets up the flight plan mission base on your requesting our UAV's over a specific stockpile or entire quarry or construction site.   These AUV's are fully automated, so once the mission is set the GR2 unit heads off to complete its mission, These missions can be completed while the site is fully operational and will not require any shutdown of operations to complete the preliminary survey work. 

·         Example of Field Time = About 120 minutes with mission setup, takeoff , mission execution and landing to fly a 40 acre quarry with 30-50 large stockpiles on any day with winds up to 50KMH .

  1. Big Rock uploads all Photos and data to our reporting system. The R3 TAVS systems automatically process photo and elevation data into interactive maps and models that you require for your survey report.

·         The Time Required for this process is 1-6 hours of server processing time before the aerial model is ready

2.      Big Rock Mountain then selects the required volumes and data required to measure, e.g., stockpiles, Cut areas fill area’s wall inspection etc.  Big Rock Mountain then generates the complete report for you

·         Time for this part of the process is from 30 to 120 minutes to complete depending on the details required for the full report. But also the information can also be available immediate onsite digitally should it be required. 

Bottom Line – A few hours to measure 30-50 stockpiles at one site, and only a couple days for multiple quarries with hundreds of stockpiles. What used to take days now takes hours. It is safer and does not hinder production.Allowing our customers to increase revenue.   

Product conformity

The product is non-ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) rated so it is not subjected to export controls. The LidarPod has been independently CE and FCC certified to ensure it is compliant to electrical and radio transmission standards.